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Jaya Mam is a wonderful teacher. She teaches with great ease , interest and patience. I am having amazing time in learning various art forms from her. Certainly , I would recommend taking art class from her.

- Shreya Chaudhary

I had an amazing experience in the basic calligraphy course that I did with the tutor Jaya Agarwal. I learned Many types of Fonts out of which Gothic was the best one of all. I…

- Sathya Rajagopalan

I love you Ma'am, I will always cherish these classes, I want to say that these classes have teched me lots of new types of Art, and help me improve my skills in Art. Thank…

- Ananya Gupta

I did the Mandala course with Aaj. I must say it was an amazing experience. Techniques of Mandala were made simple so that one can easily grasp it. Sessions were superb and I looked forward…

- Krupa Patel

Great learning sessions....Thank you! Keep it up.!!

- Arunjai Agarwal

I did a painting course from aaj. I learned new techniques, it was an enjoyable experience. Really like the way of teaching it's very friendly...I'm enjoying my classes a lot.

- Shweta Tanwar,

I did the watercolor and sketching course. The course was quite informative and techniques were taught beautifully. I had an amazing experience overall. I would definitely recommend aaj the trend to others for such art…

- Krityee Subhadarshini,

I attended the Fevicryl bandanwar and pooja thali decoration workshops. Techniques, design, color combinations were taught elaborately. They were exceptionally good. The teacher has great teaching skills, and I am really looking forward to more…

- Anupama Prasad, New Delhi

I did a charcoal painting course. It was a good experience.

- Kapila Gupta

I did the Basic art course from AAJ. I learned about all the key points you should know while doing art. It was very informative and I highly recommend aaj the trend to others.

- Mehak Aggarwal, Dehradun

I did the course on Poster color. The classes were awesome.

- Yogini Gutke, Akola

I did the course of Acrylic painting on canvas from aaj the trend. A very smooth, informative, and enjoyable experience in learning the art. Quite never felt like a class rather a casual meeting which made the whole process more easy-going.

- Harshiv Bhavesh Desai, Ahmedabad

I took the course on Acrylic color painting. Nice classes offering so many different courses to learn and really encouraging and supportive attitude of the teacher. I recommend this to others for such courses.

- Mananshi Shah, Ahmedabad

I did the Basic Calligraphy Course from aaj the trend.  It was a package of learning this new form of writing, creativity packed with a bunch of love and happiness I got from Jaya Ji.…

- Happy Bhutani, New Delhi

I am a teacher in Fine Arts in a School and doing a Course in Indian Traditional Art forms from aaj the trend. They have a really innovative way of teaching, especially online teaching. Its…

- Kanika Sehgal, New Delhi

My children have done a Course on India Folk Art from aaj the trend. The course has been quite handy for them. My daughter has made few articles of Worli Art and displayed it in…

- Archana Anand, Jaipur

I am started a Certificate Course on Art and Craft from aaj the trend last month. Ever since I came from India, I wanted to learn art and craft as a hobby. When I contacted…

- Kamini Soni, Sydney (Australia)

Thanks aaj the trend for bringing creativity and art to my life

- Amita Khare, Chandigarh

I am doing a Course on Basic Calligraphy from aaj the trend. I am an Engineering student and reasonably good in handwriting. I always thought that calligraphy is all about good handwriting but thats just…

- Arun Garg, Ahmedabad

I am doing a Course on Potrait Making with aaj the trend. I was initially hesitant in taking this Course online, but Jaya Mam has made it look so easy. It is really great to…

- Diana RoyChaudhary, Kolkata

Me and my wife are doing a Course on sketching and drawing from aaj the trend. I retired from government job 10 years back and we both never thought that we can learn something new…

- Radha Mohan Sharma, Jaipur

My daughter Ananya is doing a six months Course on Drawing and Painting with aaj the trend. I am extremely satisfied with their syllabus and pace of Course. The faculties are extremely talented and teach…

- Ananya Ingle, Aurangabad

I did a Course on Charcoal Art from aaj the trend. I always felt that Charcoal Paint is difficult, but Mam made it look so easy Now I want to learn more forms of art from her. Thanks so much

- Laxmi Khetawat

I am doing a Certificate Course on Art and Craft from aaj the trend. Its been two months since I have started this Course. The faculties are extremely talented, punctual and they stick to their time plan. Its been fun learning with them. The Best part is that they have Courses for everyone. After 25 years of marriage, I really had an urge to learn this art but could never afford to go out to attend the classes. With aaj the trend, I am able to learn from the comfort of my home. Thanks aaj the trend

- Pranati Kumar, Bengaluru

I did a Course on Oil Painting with aaj the trend. Let me tell you that the structure of the Course as well the method of teaching was extremely nice. It was a surprise to…

- Charu Bansal, Muradabad

My daughter is doing a Course on Basic Drawing and Sketching with aaj the trend. Initially, I was hesitant in connecting with them as I was apprenhensive regarding online teaching on arts. However, ever since my daughter attended the first class, I am quite happy that I chose to get my daughter trained by Ms Jaya. Thanks a ton

- Khushi S, Bengaluru

I did Basic Calligraphy Course from aaj the trend. Calligraphic strokes and styles were done in detail with special emphasis on the technique and style. It was a new and an amazing experience. This beginners'…

- Neha Sharma, New Delhi

I did the Basic Calligraphy. Teacher's guidance and support was too good. Ma'am taught me all the basics which will help me in creating new forms. I had a very nice experience learning from them.

- Anita Chawla, New Delhi

I did Charcoal Painting Course from aaj the trend. The Course was quite informative and overall I had an interesting experience. I would recommend a Course from 'aaj the trend' to everyone.

- Khushi Gupta, New Delhi

I did the Course on Landscape painting from aaj the trend. I found this Course quite informative and of learning value. Jaya Mam taught me all the basics of landscapes..... these tips are so important in creating own landscape paintings. I found this Course very nice and satisfactory. I definitely recommend it for others. Thanks

- Dr Chandani Shah, Mumbai

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