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Please go through this blog for detailed explanation on the registration and payment process

How to Register, do payment and pursue your account with ‘aaj the trend’

Quick Enquiry Process Just fill in the form with details, your contact numbers, and preferred timings. We will call you back right away. Whatapp Number After surfing the '', should you have any doubts, just whatsapp your queries directly to us with your preferred timings. We shall contact you right away Registration Once you have… Read more

Planned a Course with Us – Here is where you can get your items

1. At 'aaj the trend', we have several courses of your interest in the field of design and art. Prior to start of your Course, you will have various options to cater for your art material (a) you can go to your nearest stationary shop (b) Order on any e commerce website like amazon, flipcart… Read more

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