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DIY Courses

Beaded Jewellery Making Course

3 Months | Certificate |

  • Includes capsule from EDI
  • Learn jewelry making with plastic & synthetic beads/ buttons, indigenous materials eg, seeds, clay etc
  • Covers knots, colour combinations and various design techniques
  • Display products created by you on our website
  • Participate in online art exhibitions

Best out of Waste

3 Months | Certificate |

  • Learn making useful items out of waste
  • Explore your creativity, have fun while making wonderful items
  • For people of all ages

Candle Making

certificate course | 15 days |

  • Age – 15+ as it involves contact with hot wax
  • Learn making different types of wax and gel candles
  • Explores your creative ability by making different designer candles
  • Assistance for setting up own venture; display items on our website

Chocolate Making

certificate course | 15 days-3months |

  • Fun Course, no age bar, open for all
  • Children below 16 years age may attend under supervision of parents
  • Basic Course of one month, advanced course of 3 months
  • Special classes for guidance for setting up own venture
  • Display own products on our website

Basic and Advanced Paperquilling

one month | certificate course |

  • ¬†Just for fun Course; no age bar
  • Basic Course for one month, three months advanced course
  • Common batches for children and adults

Bottle Painting

Certificate | 15 days |

  • Learn to beautify the empty and used glass bottles
  • Use them to decorate your home; fun art for all ages
  • Showcase your creativity on our website