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Certificate Courses

Advanced Certificate Course in Drawing & Painting

6 Months |

  • Includes a capsule from EDI
  • Medium : Pencil, Soft Pastels, Oil Pastels, Water Colour and Poster Colour and Acrylic
  • Tempera – Paper of different GSM
  • Participation in different Competitions at National Level for one year after completion
  • Participate in Online Art Exhibition as well as display own work on our website

Certificate Course in Digital Art

certificate course | X Class | 6 Months |

  • Learn digital art softwares – Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, introduction to Adobe Illustrator
  • Video Editing through various softwares available on Windows platform
  • Use of various digital art hardwares
  • Explore your creative side digitally

Certificate Course in Indian Folk Art

6 Months |

  • Covers Madhubani, Kalamkari, Pichhwai, Worli and Gond Art Forms
  • Participate in exhibitions
  • Participate in tour to an artistic destination on voluntary basis

Certificate Course in Indian Hand Embroidery and Zari Work

certificate course | 10th | 6 Months |

  • Learn the age old Indian traditional hand embroidery and Zari work
  • Covers five popular embroidery forms of India – Ari work, Gota, Banjara, Sindhi Stitch and Zari work
  • One short module from EDI included
  • Display your art work on our website as well as in art exhibitions

Certificate Course in Contemporary Art

Certificate | 6 Months |

  • Age – No bar; separate courses for children (<15 years), adults (>15 years)
  • Learn contemporary art on various tempera in various mediums
  • Participate in online art exhibition, showcase work on various art forums
  • Option to participate in tour to a artistic destination

Certificate Course in Hill Region Art Work – Pahari Paintings

certificate course | 10th | one month |

  • Learn the Pahari art form of paintings – Himachali and Kashmiri Art forms
  • Includes miniature paintings
  • Participate in online art exhibitions
  • Showcase your art work on our website

Traditional Paintings

one year | certificate course |

  • Separate batches for children and adults (>15 years)
  • Includes most traditional major art forms
  • Special capsule by EDI for setting up own venture
  • Org/ participate in online art exhibitions
  • Organised tour to an artistic destination, if volunteer
  • Showcase art work on our website

Fabric Painting

Certificate | 3 Months |

  • Learn different styles of strokes and patterns
  • Traditional as well as contemporary forms will be covered
  • Showcase own creative work on our website

Mandala, Zentangle & Doodle Art

Certificate | 6 Months |

  •  Separate batches for children and adults
  •  Learn separately each form of art and the combination of all
  • 2D as well as 3D forms(Dot Mandala) covered
  • Set up own venture as master of this Art work; display own creativity on our website

Spatula/ Knife Painting

Certificate | 3 Months |

  • Learn to use different kinds of knives in making different kinds of textures and paintings
  • For all age groups, separate batches for children and adults
  • Various techniques to handle pallet knife covered
  • Showcase your art work on our website

Certificate Course in Oil Painting

Certificate | 6 Months |

  • Learn from basics of colour to advanced colour theory
  • Portrait, Landscape as well as object colouring included
  • Participate in online art exhibitions on National and International platforms
  • Separate batches for children and adults

Individual Certificate and Advanced Courses in Various Art Forms

certificate courses | 3/6 months |

  • Pick up any Certificate Course on Stencil, Water Colour, Poster Colour,Oil Pastels, Soft Pastels,  Sketching or Acrylic Painting – 3 months duration each
  • Advanced Courses available – duration 6 months in each Course
  • Participate in Art Exhibitions and showcase your art work; showcase your artwork on our website